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The Social Environment Neurobiology & Emotion Lab at UNCG researches pathways from life stress to depression. We use a variety of lenses—neurobiology (biomarkers such as cortisol, and genetics), personality, and interpersonal theory—and a variety of tools—gold standard life stress interviews, assessment measure development, sleep and activity actigraphy, lab-based stress inductions, and daily diary/ ESM. Further, we are interested in an array of types of life stress, including stressful life events, interpersonal stress, chronic stress, discrimination as a stressor, and early life adversity. We have special interests in first generation college student success, and in discrimination measurement.


Join our highly collaborative group; we value inclusiveness, positive teamwork, and work-life balance. Dr. Vrshek-Schallhorn anticipates accepting one or more graduate students for into UNCG's MA/PhD program in Clinical Psychology for Fall 2024. 

Photo of SCENE Lab members in Fall 2023. Two rows of undergraduate and graduate students with Dr. Vrshek-Schallhorn.

Fall 2023 SCENE Lab. Front row L to R: Elli Cole, Dr. Vrshek-Schallhorn, Karime Ruiz-Saldana, Tabitha Reid, Marguerite Blattner. Back row L to R: Viv Oyinwola, Melanie Lancelot, Rachel Suresky, Sandra Mendes Haluch, Breanna Alston. Not pictured: Ally Grillo. Photo credit: Kelsey Hewitt.

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